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Greetings from Thunder Mesa
kittensandsteam wrote in boundlessrealm

These are photos I took during my last trip to Disneyland Paris. And some videos too :)

Phantom Manor in the distance

The manor in the distance.

Phantom Manor CM

The friendly gate keeper :)

Phantom Manor

Phantom ManorPhantom Manor

cherry blossoms pretty gazebo

And now we enter the foyer...


hall of paintings

And the downstairs hall...

changing portrait


Leota's chamber...

Madame Leota

Thunder Mesa sure isn't as it once was!
At least the mayor hasn't lost his manners as well as his life :)

Tipping his head

I did a brave attempt to film the ghost that joins you at the exit of the ride, but failed rather miserably. Oh well, better luck next time hopefully :)

Outside again, in Boot Hill Cemetary.

to the cemetary or Thunder MesaBoot Hill cemetary

new grave :)Shorty Smith's grave

Ballard graves


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